LENA Start™

It’s never too early for education to begin! 

Huntsville City Schools and the LENA Research Foundation have joined forces on an initiative to help parents improve the school readiness of infants and toddlers (0-30 months). 

Studies have shown that some children in low-income homes are not exposed to enough words and conversations in these critical early years, when babies’ brains are growing to 80% of their adult size.  

LENA Start™ features Smarter Happier Baby™ parent classes in English and Spanish. The goal is to encourage parents to improve the quality and quantity of language spoken with their children. 

How it Works

The patented LENA System records language throughout a child’s day, then translates the recording into data that show parents how much they’re talking so they can improve, and how they are progressing.  

Smarter Happier Baby adds an instructional program consisting of 8 one-hour, motivational parent group sessions, using videos, presentations, and written materials in English and Spanish. The program encourages reading with children, singing with them, and using “Talking Tips” to increase interactive language. 

Graduates of the 8-week sequence may return for monthly reinforcement sessions for up to one year.  

By closing this “talk gap,” babies have a better chance of growing into stronger social skills and improved emotional well-being, which makes them better prepared for school and for life. 

Registration Information

The Huntsville program is available at the following locations:

The Huntsville Center for Technology

Rolling Hills Elementary School

Click here to download the Application and Consent Form.

For more information, or to submit your application and consent form, email SmarterHappierBaby@gmail.com. Or contact us at 256-428-6886.  

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